Mino Workouts are built for Efficiency and Results. We believe you can get a complete workout done in roughly 30-45 mins depending on your experience level. Our programs help you build muscle while losing fat at the same time. We do this by combining compound movements and short rest periods. Most training programs can call for you spending hours in the gym a day to receive results, Mino Workouts produce results with a fraction of the time called on by other workout plans.

Mino workouts Believes in a simple formula. Form + Efficiency = dramatic results.



When your custom Mino Workout is complete it will include instructional videos of how to properly execute each workout. Below is an example of what you'll receive. With proper form your results will be dramatically increased. We show you how to properly workout so that you can focus on results!



We provide you with smart training techniques to help you train a particular muscle group in a fraction of the time most programs call for. Our program splits up your muscle groups into 5 different workouts allowing you to have effective yet proper rest time in between workouts allowing you to build muscle and burn fat!


Building muscle while losing Fat

The Mino Workout program focuses on one compound movement to activate muscle fibers and warm up the specific muscle group being trained on that particular session. We then implement a variety of drop sets and circuit training to help you burn as many calories as possible. By utilizing drop sets and circuit training it also allows us to fully exhaust the glycogen in the muscle which helps you cut down on body fat and allowing you to take your post workout product sooner, so you can focus on growing muscle!